Wednesday Night Connect  (September to April)

Wednesday Night Connect is all about growing relationships with God and one another. And it includes fun for all ages. So, EVERYONE is welcome to attend no matter your age or stage in your faith journey!

Let us give you a run-down of what to expect at Wednesday Night Connect
First we start off with a prepared meal and fellowship from5:15 p.m. to 6:00pm which is designed to relieve some of the pressures on families related to preparing dinner and getting everyone ready to come to Wednesday Night Connect. While the mealtime starts at 5:15pm it is also flexible so come whenever you can get here just make sure its before 6:00pm. EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT THE MEALTIME and there is no charge for the meal. This time helps us get to know one another better.
At 6:00pm we transition from the fellowship hall to the worship space for a large group time. During large group we have singing, prayers, share a Bible reading and a short teaching for the evening. The teaching time (we call it Bible Discovery Time) will take various forms and use skits, activities, videos, or conversation. The large group time is about 30 minutes.