Make a Connection

Here at Trinity Lutheran we want people to make connections to one another and experience the joy of living in Christian Community.  There are variety of connecting points from projects to programs, small groups to study classes.  We find the best way to get connected is to find an area of interest and get involved.  We are here to help you make those connections and answer questions. 

Burnt Branches and Olive Oil

Every year, usually in February, I prepare a unique concoction of burnt palm branches and extra virgin olive oil.  Getting the right ratio is something I work on every year so that it is neither too dry or too gooey.  This combination creates a rather potent black sludge. Great care needs to be taken when handling the stuff.  Then, one by one people, young and old and every age in between, come to me and I smear a daub of this messy black sludge on their foreheads or top of their hands telling them without reservation that they are going to die to become worm food!