Making an Impact

Your gifts help us make an impact in the world as we serve Christ and seek to share his message of grace with the world.  Thank you for helping to support this life-giving work.  The act of Giving is always a spiritual endeavor. Our giving is done as a joyful and faithful response to God’s gift of grace in Christ.

Special Offerings or Projects

The Give page also provide options for you to make special offerings or donations to congregation projects.  You will see these options in the drop down tab on the Give page.  By selecting the name of the project you will know that your donation will go to help fund it.  

Paying Registration Fees

On our Give page you can also take care of paying registration fees for Day Camp, Fortune Lake Summer Camp, Retreats our congregation is attending in one simple location,   Just select the name of the event in the drop down tab on the Give page.  You will get a confirmation email letting you know that you have made your payment.