The Giving Tree
Goal Exceeded!
With the approach of Christmas we are reminded of the needs of many in our community, some facing even more difficult hardships due to the COVID virus this year.  With the uncertainty of our building access and our return to in-person worship we decided to make our Giving Tree event 100% virtual this year.  We understand that it’s very heartwarming to choose a gift from the tree, shop for it and wrap it and imagine the impact it made on an individual as they open it and put it to use.  For safety and simplicity, we selected  four local Rhinelander agencies, Family Matters, Forward Service Corporation, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Tri-County Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Lily’s House Crisis Shelter to share $25 Walmart gift cards with this Christmas.  Based on the needs the agencies told us we set 92 Gift Cards as our goal.  We have now exceeded this goal!  
Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Giving Tree this year.  We will be distributing the gift cards to the four agencies in the coming week.