Table Talk Confirmation


In-home Confirmation experience for Families

Like everything else, we are going to be taking a different approach to Middle School Faith Formation this year and we’re calling it:  “Table Talk Confirmation.” This family approach is designed for you all to engage in forming faith together.  Martin Luther designed the Small Catechism for exactly this type of home-use where the family is the central cell for faith development.  Each session video will lead you through the sharing of highs and lows, “dinner conversation,” a Bible passage, and a connection to Luther’s Small Catechism.  Thank you, for engaging in this faith formation opportunity at home. 

Session 1: Breathe Like Whipped Cream


Session 2: Abide Like Spaghetti

Session 3: Love Like Chicken Noodle Soup

Session 4: Connect Like Hot Cocoa

Session 5: Baptism Like Lemonade

Session 6: Love Like a Muffin