Small Group Leaders

We’re glad you’re interested in becoming a Small Group Leader!

Small Group Leaders DO NOT:
  • Need to be Bible scholars
  • Do everything
  • Have to pray out loud every time
Small Group Leaders ARE: 
  • Willing to get to know people in their group
  • Open to learn and grow as a leader and a person of faith
  • Excited about Small Groups
Small Groups are an integral part of what we do as Church and Groups need willing leaders. Paul taught the Corinthians that some plant the seeds, others water them, but God makes them grow (1 Corinthians 3:6). Group leaders have the privilege of creating environments in which seeds of faith are planted and watered in the lives of group members, while trusting God with the growth.  Sustained life change occurs as we grow in relationship with Christ. This happens best when we take time to be with others who are walking in faith with us.
Small Group Leader Qualifications
  • Desire to help people become active and engaged followers of Christ.
  • Are baptized and active in their life of faith.
  • Have the time to prioritize regular groupings
  • Have the emotional capacity to listen to others
  • Have a willingness to grow with your group
  • Have an openness to learn alongside Pastor Kari and other Small Group Leaders
  • Attend a Training with Pastor Kari & other leaders before starting a group
  • Build relationships with the members of their group
  • Lead regular groupings and promote participation among group members
  • Monitor the group’s health
  • Commit to staying connected to the Small Groups Pastor for support, trouble shooting and encouragement
  • Attend a “Leader Re-Charge” with other Small Group leaders and the Small Groups Pastor (once per session: Fall, Winter & Spring)
How do I take the next step in becoming a Small Group Leader?