Our Sunday Worship is a joyful blend of traditional with contemporary components. If offers time for singing familiar as well as early contemporary songs. Here some examples of what our Sunday Worship Service looks like:

• We project the words to songs on a screen

• Pastors preach outside the pulpit

• We include liturgical pieces throughout the service

• We celebrate Holy Communion EVERY Sunday

• We sing a mix of traditional and early contemporary songs

• Music is most often lead by the piano and sometimes the organ, with a vocal song leader



Here at Trinity Lutheran Church all who have been baptized and affirm with us that Christ is truly present in the bread and wine are welcome to participate in Holy Communion.  
Right now we are distributing communion a bit differently than normal as we’ve made some adjustments due to COVID.  As you enter for the worship service you can pick up a communion kit.  Communion kits are sealed and have both the wine and bread wafer.  We also have grape juice and gluten free options.  During the service we will all commune together in our seats.